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Travel Portal is one of the most essential components for every travel agent. Several companies are now emerging internationally as a travel portal provider, serving their customers efficiently with the right pricing.

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B2B Travel Portal

B2B travel portal is an online booking engine with flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, and packages for travel agents. People value the unique experience they can get, no matter if it’s planning for a holiday or a business trip. Personalization is the biggest priority among the travel industry trends.
Trivo, having banked a number of years in B2B travel portal development, offers a complete suite to agents across India . The company is backed by the latest web and mobile technologies that delivers its services through a robust and scalable platform. It tailors the elegant solution for you and your client’s individual needs.

More Into B2B Travel Portal

best travel portal in india

B2B travel portal is one of the most emerging and promising business. Factors like the latest software integrated with the latest innovation play a very crucial role. B2B travel portal gives someone the potential to increase their business exponentially. While working with Trivo, one can get all the advance functionalities of a travel portal such as interactive design, a huge range of payment methods, flexible technical supports and everything you need to run a standalone business. Once the business is all up and running, our company can take care of the technical end, providing a smooth transition over a successful growth.

Why Choose Trivo As Your Next B2B Travel Portal The biggest advantage of our B2B platform is the ability to combine the latest and greatest technology with a smooth interface. After all, no one wants the latest technology with a crappy UI. Trivo is the best Travel Portal Provider with the ultimate solutions for B2B business operations, offering the best in class services on flights, hotels, cars, buses, and holiday packages.

Advantages of Travel Portal in 2020

Here is a list of some of the advantages of using Trivo as your next B2B Travel Portal:

  • Real-time online Booking - One of the best features to be proud of. Offering a 24X7 service with real-time online bookings and the checking for availability of stocks.
  • User-Friendly UI - Now, who wants a bad UI even after claiming for the availability of the latest technology? That is why Trivo offers the most user-friendly easy to access Graphical User Interphase.
  • Automated Booking - In the generation of Machine Learning and AI, Automated booking is a must-have, and that is why it is worth adding up.
  • Muti-currency and Lingual Support - While being a travel portal, it is important to have multi-currency support along with multi-lingual support, and that is why Trivo pays much of its attention to that.
  • Better Security With Flexibility: You will not only be just provided with better security. But along with that a much better flexibility for the activation and deactivation of users, suppliers as well as agents for having a better grip onto your business.

Trivo: Your Next Travel Partner

Setting up your dream Travel Portal has never been easy before. With advanced technologies for static website designing to dynamic website development, Trivo is all that you need. Providing you easier payment gateway for any e-commerce application to SEO optimized contents for a better visibility over the internet. And don't forget Social Media Optimization for the next big event, Trivo is the perfect partner. So, without wasting any further time, get in touch with us and make your dreams come true.

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