PPC Marketing And SEO for Travel Website

Pay per click for the travel website is booming and attracting more customers by ranking your travel website on top on Google’s Search Engine. On the other hand, SEO for travel website earns huge traffic for free. This confuses the agents as to which thing they should opt for.

Gone has the time when local travel agencies were reached physically or through phones. Now, with increasing competition, it is travel agencies who have to take necessary measures to make their presence felt digital.

It is simple if the customer is searching for “Trip to Dubai”, this is when you to be there right there matching their interest and providing them with good deals.

paid ads for travel agency

What is PPC for Travel Website ?

Referred to Google AdWords, it is an online advertising platform to promote travel websites on Google’s Search Engine Result Page. It is common among customers to click the websites shown on the first page and hardly do they land on the second page of google.

This way your services are lost between other pages and you are unable to attract clients. Pay Per Click is usually the amount you pay to Google AdWords when the number of internet users clicks on your ads.

Surprising isn’t it? For getting more clicks google will keep your website on the top and this way you reach your target audience easily. In short, its Google’s online auctioning system where digital marketers or advertisers bid for getting the available paid ads for travel agency advertising space.

SEO vs. PPC (Google AdWords) for Travel Website

Firstly, SEO is referred to as the organic listing of websites on the top of SERP by Google. How ?

Increasing the quality as well as driving the traffic to the website, SEO means the keywords used in content which are most searched by the target audience. It is unpaid and gets organically listed on google.

Considering the difference between two, SEO is influenced by organic listing and is free whereas PPC is the shortest, paid way of getting one’s website rank on the top of Google. SEO earns organic traffic for free where traffic from PPC has a cost for each visiting customer.

Moreover, using voluminous keywords at correct places and eliminating keyword stuffing, you can get more organic traffic which is in demand at present. SEO for Travel website is better and organic than paid ads for travel agency.

Email Marketing for Travel Agents

Without a doubt, email marketing for travel agents is one of the most incredible promotional and growing channels. Creating a list, and sending messages, analysing campaigns is all outdated. Email automation is a new relaxing trend. For example, what you can do is instead of sending a segregated follow-up of each place, combine them into one and send it to your target audiences.

Squeezing Out the Benefits of Social Media

From children to adults, probably all of them are on social media in one way or other. Then what better way than this to reach a large number of audiences. Replacing traditional communication, it has made it possible for businesses to make their presence felt globally. The place where people share their stories, pictures, and as well as promote the travel companies from where they got to live this lavish experience. Maintaining their online reputation is also of utmost importance.

It works to study the clients’ behaviour and accordingly the pre-set system works and sends the automated emails. Amazing isn’t it?

Social Media (Virtual Tour) Marketing

This is nothing new to you! Social Media Marketing has its own importance in the present era. With about thousands of travel websites and agents, it has become quite difficult to make your website reach the target audience. Only SEO and PPC are not going to help, making your presence felt digitally is equally important.

Digital marketing for travel website includes social media marketing, as every person nowadays has access to social media. TikTok is trending one and giving clients a virtual tour of places there might be a win-win situation.

Your Key Takeaway Message

Using the above powerful techniques to reach your target audience organically and grow your travel website by applying this digital marketing trends. Grow organically this 2020 using SEO for travel website.

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